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apposite to the berlin–bern series, here
a extra for your (apple) mobile devices:
two pictures as wallpaper for iPhone,
iPhone 4 and iPad.
I guess the aesthetic with the decent colors and the blurry texture corresponding well with the wipe move those devices are requiring ;-) download and see for yourself!

this is the start of a series! every now and then i'm intending to share with you a set of wallpapers. good idea to subscribe or come back frequently, don't you think?


every month, my beloved «froodmat» and I are traveling from germany to switzerland or vice versa, from switzerland to germany. we live and work a month there and the other here and somewhere between our homes came this series named «Berlin–Bern» into being.
mostly we drive by car meaning 8h driving… preferably we're listening to audio books or music appropriate to our current mood or the weather outside.
it feels like sitting in shell, pretty isolated and protected against the roughness of this inhospitable place called «autobahn».
the environment is passing by rapidly and impressions of the outside world are turning into comparatively smooth and fleeting color stripes drifting by…


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